1. Product Details

The products posted on this website are manufactured in Poland. The raw materials that we use in production come from reliable sources, which allows us to guarantee the high quality of the product. The offer includes all types of motorcycle windscreens and their dimensions. The product range included in our offer is fully certified!


2. Price of Products

The final price of the order consists of several factors:

       a) The price of the raw material from which a given windscreen model is made.

       b) The tax which is charged on the sale of a given type of windscreen.

       c) Prices of delivering a given order to the indicated location

       d) Prices are optimized according to European standards.


3. Enquiries

For all kinds of questions you will find the answer in the section "Questions and Answers" (FAQ). If you do not get answer to your question, please contact our store's support by filling out the contact form on our website.


4. Order Acceptance and Payment

Before you decide to buy in our store, make sure that you are the owner of the payment method of your choice and your account is not charged with any payment restrictions.

Payment methods include:

·       a) PayPal – this is a kind of online bank that allows for quick online payments.

·       b) Credit / Debit Card – it is a payment method offered by your bank where your funds will be immediately taken from your account and will go to ours.

Goods ordered in our store will be packed and forwarded for delivery as soon as the payment for the order is posted. However, if the payment for the order is not settled within 2 working days, the order will be automatically canceled.

Orders are realized in the following way:

·       Adding products to the cart

·       Completing the data for order delivery

·       Selecting the method of delivery

·       Making a payment

·       Posting the payment

·       Completing and preparing orders for shipment

·       Shipping orders to the customer


5. Our Right to Cancel

We reserve the right to cancel the order, if:

·       the product that was ordered is withdrawn from the offer.

·       the product that we have in stock has a manufacturing defect and we are not able to replace it with a substitute.

·       the order fee is not paid.

·       We are not responsible for any loss caused by placing an order that has been canceled before sending a message confirming the start of fulfillment of this order.


6. Delivery

Orders made in our store are delivered by the courier company DPD and Poczta Polska (priority parcel post).

·       DPD courier company - Delivers the orders throughout the European Union.

·       Poczta Polska (priority parcel post) - Delivers our orders outside the European Union.


Our store takes full responsibility for the goods delivered to the hands of the ordering party, which means that we are responsible for the condition of the shipment in which it reaches the purchaser. The store, however, does not take responsibility for delays caused by the courier company DPD and other carriers. Each package has a so-called tracking, thanks to which the client can track where his package is located.


7. The Right of Purchase Cancellation

Each of our clients has the right to cancel the order by fulfilling the contact form without giving a reason why they resign for the placed orders. The resignation must take place before receiving the message about the commencement of the order.


8. Warranties and Refunds

Our store protects its products with a quality guarantee, the base of which are quality tests supervised by specially qualified staff, where our motorcycle windscreens and deflectors are subjected to strict control before they are ready to sale.

Each of our products is subject to refund or exchange, if:

       a) The product has a manufacturing defect

       b) The product has been destroyed as a result of transport.

       The necessary condition for replacing the goods with a new one is reporting the problem within 24 hours from the delivery of the parcel by the courier company


9. Returns or Exchange Procedure

You can return an item bought online for any reason within 14 days from the day you received it, as long as it is free from marks and retains all original packaging & labeling. Each product is refundable, however, it is needed to contact the customer service by contact form which is in "contact us" section in order to inform about the return or exchange of your order. After contacting our service department, you will receive appropriate instructions on how to proceed in case of return or exchange of goods. Our control department will verify the return or exchange of goods, then you will receive a decision, which was made via e-mail, to the e-mail address that you have provided when setting up an account on our website. You will receive the refund within 10 days from the day in which we receive the item back.


10. How to Use the Website

After entering the website of our store and deciding what to buy, you must create an account that will allow you to buy the product. Once the account is created, complete the tab with the information needed to deliver the order.

By creating an account on our website, you agree to the regulations which must be read and accepted at the time of account registration. Our website has security certificates that protect your data against all kinds of cyber threats!


11. Liability

Full responsibility for the data that is stored in our system is taken by the shop in each case.

In case of death or illness of our client, please contact us to remove the data from our system.

We are responsible for our product from the beginning of the production process to the final product which goes to the customer.


12. Intellectual Property

It is forbidden to copy any content of the website or products that are in our store! Such activities as:

       Copying products

       Copying a website

       Copying descriptions

They will be immediately reported to the law enforcement authorities to impose an appropriate penalty!

It is also forbidden to:

       Using the brand as your own

       Copying the logotype

All of the above-mentioned activities will be reported to law enforcement agencies.



13. Privacy Policy

·       The store is committed to not using the personal data without the customers’ consent.

·       The store is obliged to protect the customers' personal data in all available ways.

·       The store guarantees that the data provided as a part of the order’s delivery will never be forwarded to third parties!


14. Company details.

Justyna Biedrzycka

os. 700-lecia 12/13

32-650 Kety, Poland

VAT EU: PL5492442053

REGON: 362490950

15. General

By registering on our website and buying our products, you accept the above regulations.

Best Regards, Team.