Motorcycle Windscreens and Windshields for Peugeot

Our online store offers aftermarket standard motorcycle windshields, sport racing and tall touring replacement windscreens for Peugeot motorcycles and scooters. Peugeot was the leading French motorcycle manufacturer until the 1950s producing many models. Peugeot currently produces scooters and 3-wheelers with engines ranging from 50 to 500cc. It operates 2 production sites at Mandeure, France and Jinan, China. Peugeot scooters are sold in 60 countries. The assembly does not require any modifications of your motorcycle. Windscreens for Peugeot makes the bike look a lot more aggressive and pushes the wind higher on your body so you can ride comfortably on the highway at any speed. We also offer deflectors - extension of the windshield to improves aerodynamics and reduce gusts of wind and buffeting.

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