What is a motorcycle wind deflector or motorcycle spoiler?

What is a motorcycle wind deflector or motorcycle spoiler?

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How to deal with wind and insects?

During motorcycle riding, it is not only the speed that is important, but also the comfort of travelling, because what is pleasant about having to deal with air resistance for several dozens of kilometers? The high air pressure is not only annoying, but it can also cause back and neck pain; while insects shattering against the visor of the helmet can significantly hinder visibility. That is why it is worth taking care of your comfort and supplementing the motorcycle windshield with a spoiler that will direct the air stream upwards, above your head.

What is a motorcycle wind deflector / spoiler?

The wind deflector is a small windscreen, usually made of Plexiglas, i.e. acrylic glass which is attached to the top of the motorcycle windscreen. In other words, it is an extension of the windscreen. Its installation does not require drilling, and the whole procedure is very simple and takes no more than 5 minutes. Each of the spoilers has readymade holes in which mountings are inserted. First, they need to be slid onto the upper edge of the windscreen, then screwed to it with the Allen key. You do not have to worry about scratching its surface because soft rubber pads are used to secure the contact area. Contrary to appearances, the design is very durable, and the motorcycle wind spoiler holds well even at high speeds. Although the product seems to be inconspicuous in appearance, it is characterized by excellent durability. It is lightweight and, at the same time, resistant to mechanical damage (gravel or sand cannot damage it so easily). In addition, it works well at both: low and very high temperatures, tolerates UV radiation, strong vibration and shock stress arising as a result of engine vibrations and strong gusts of wind. Most of the models available on the market can be adjusted to your individual preferences, i.e. set the appropriate height and the angle of inclination (up to 45 degrees). Wind deflectors are available in various sizes and shapes, so that everyone can find the perfect one for yourself. Universal wind deflectors fit almost all types of motorcycles.

How does a motorcycle wind deflector / spoiler work?

Motorcycle wind deflector, by changing the direction of the air flow (it is directed above the rider's head), protects the motorcyclist from turbulence and noise, increasing the comfort of riding at the same time. In addition, it improves aerodynamics, protects against rain and insects which directly translates into a better visibility. It also helps keep your helmet and clothing clean - less insect stains means faster cleaning. Thanks to the fact that it reduces air resistance, you can take the most comfortable position while riding.

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Advantages of a motorcycle wind deflector:

1. Helps to protect against rain, gravel, little stones hitting from under the wheels of other vehicles towards us, thousands of worms that need to be cleaned up after each motorcycle riding and all kinds of road pollution.

2. It improves the aerodynamics of our motorcycle, makes that the air is not directed to the front of our helmet but slides over the windshield surface making our motorcycle cut through the wind much better.

3. Another advantage of the motorcycle deflector is keeping our clothing and helmet clean. Each of us certainly knows this unpleasant feeling when, after a long ride, we spend an hour to clean our clothes of sticky bugs. The use of a deflector allows you to avoid and enjoy clean clothes for longer.

4. Due to the fact that it reduces air resistance, you can take the most comfortable position while driving. What is more, you do not have to lean on the motorcycle to avoid air rush hitting your face. Longer trips will become much more enjoyable with a deflector installed.

5. The enormous wind noise previously experienced while driving will be eliminated in favour of a much better pleasant sound of our engine, and we will certainly avoid hearing damage in our old age :)

6. Mounting the deflector is very simple and most importantly does not require drilling. The set has rubber screw-on caps that work great as protection against scratches on the windshield, but also after tightening them we are sure that they will not slip off while driving.

7. Better quality deflectors have the ability to adjust the angle of tilt, which allows you to direct the blast of air perfectly over your head. In addition, such deflector can be easily transferred to another motorcycle and adjusted to perform its role in the best possible way.

deflectors motorcycle windscreen and windshields wind extensiondeflectors motorcycle windscreen and windshields wind extension


It is hard to list any disadvantages of this solution, however, only the visual aspect comes to mind. Not everyone may like the extra piece of windshield mounted on the front side of the motorcycle, but each of us knows that there are situations where we should put the comfort of travelling first and the appearance of our machine second.

It is also worth mentioning a lot of poorly made Chinese wind deflectors costing around 15 / 20 €. Despite the fact that they require drilling and destroying the windshield of the motorcycle, due to poor quality of mounting brackets they are dangerous because they can fall off while travelling at higher speeds and hit the rider in the head. Remember, the consequences can be tragic, from a cracked helmet to losing control and finally falling off the motorcycle.

How to choose the best wind deflector / spoiler?

Only a properly selected motorcycle spoiler will do its job, so we need to be cautious in this case. It is better not to choose too large size because it will not work better but will do more harm than good. If the smaller motorcycle spoiler is working, it makes no sense to replace it with a larger one. And how to choose it?

First of all, measure the width of the windshield about 2-3 cm below its upper edge (on the outer side), then choose a product slightly narrower or wider than the measurements obtained. As far as the height is concerned, it is best to determine it as follows - put the end of the meter to the center of the windshield at a height of 2-3 cm below its upper edge, sit on the motorbike, lean over the steering wheel (take the most comfortable riding position for you) and holding the meter, measure the distance from motorcycle windscreen to the tip of the nose (the upper edge of the spoiler should reach maximally to it). The meter should be held at a slight angle, because this is how the spoiler is set. The result obtained is the maximum height. Another, the easier way is to assess the current riding comfort. If there occur only light turbulence, and a slight head tilt is sufficient, then lower wind deflectors will be more appropriate. However, the higher ones will work better with high noise and considerable air resistance.

As for the shape, there is complete freedom of choice in this matter but it is worth remembering that those with more rounded upper edges generate less induction resistance, and thus the masses of air hitting the windshield are weaker . This, in turn, means that they reduce resistance better, and that is the point.

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Who are the wind deflectors / spoilers for?

A motorcycle wind deflector will be useful for every motorcycle rider, however, tall drivers will be the most satisfied with this issue due to too low or improperly profiled windscreen, they have to hide behind it to avoid air pressure while riding. Their attempts to cover up with it usually end in taking an uncomfortable or unnatural position on the motorcycle, which can reduce safety on the road, and over longer distances, cause discomfort or even pain. What is more, people who value comfort, safety, health and the ability to adjust parameters to their own preferences should look around for buying a wind deflector (unfortunately, most traditional windscreens are not regulated, they cannot be properly raised, lowered or angled to direct the air flow upwards). Those who are looking for savings will also be satisfied with such solution because the price of the spoiler is even four times lower than a motorcycle windshield!

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